Museum of Fine Arts (700 m)

Museum lovers will enjoy the Museum of Fine Arts in Arras, about 1 km from the cottage. The museum is part of the Saint-Vaast Abbey. Inside, you will find a large collection of seventeenth century paintings and tokens of Arras history: ancient archeology, medieval sculptures, Cathedral Treasury, eighteenth century porcelain, famous fifteenth century tapestries…

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Louvre-Lens Museum (20 km)

20 km from Arras, the long awaited Louvre-Lens will open its doors on December 4th, 2012. Unlike most museums, it will not hold its own collection: the Paris Louvre Museum will provide the Louvre-Lens with a portion of its collections for short or long periods of time. The presentation of the art works in Lens is based on these two principles:

  • Collections are presented in a transversal way, thus abolishing the boundaries between technics, schools or departments;
  • Works are exposed for periods of varying length but always temporarily, which simultaneously facilitates the presence of major works and arouses renewed interest from the public.

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Wellington Quarry (1,6 km)

Inside this underground site, you will be able to look behind the scenes of the Battle of Arras. In fact, thousands of Allied soldiers were sheltered for 8 days in these medieval chalk quarries, 20 m underground, before launching an attack against German troops on April 9th, 1917.

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